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Girl Scout alumnae lend a helping hand


Submitted by Heidi Books


Denver Metro

Girl Scout alumnae gathered at the Denver Bicycle Café to decorate special birthday cards for Project Angel Heart! Project Angel Heart delivers meals to community members with life-threatening illnesses and includes birthday wishes to their clients with special hand decorated birthday cards. We had a great time catching up with friends, chatting about the new things going on at Girl Scouts, and using our creative craft skills to make 50 handmade cards!

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What I learned from being a Girl Scout trainer

What I learned from being a Girl Scout trainer 1 What I learned from being a Girl Scout trainer 2

To help increase awareness about the need for adult volunteer trainers, Girl Scouts of Colorado is featuring blogs by volunteer trainers.

Marlene Logan, a volunteer adult learning trainer in Metro Denver, answered the following questions:

Why did you become a trainer?

I realized I had taken a lot of trainings—and it was time for me to give back.

Why do you like being a trainer?

The wonderful people I have met over the years.  When I used to do a lot of different trainings, I enjoyed the enthusiasm that new leaders generate.  Later, I became more specific with Extended Trips, a course where I encourage girls to also attend. I enjoy that inter-generational input and watching leaders and girls make plans and realize they can do this together.

How has being a trainer impacted you—personally, professionally, etc.?

I always enjoy meeting new people—and then seeing them again, later.  I learn a lot from the girls and adults who attend my classes. It really keeps me on my toes.  Being a trainer has opened a lot of doors for me with travel—and I am willing to go almost anywhere! Many of the pieces I use for training Extended Trips began with information I got from the trip training in Savannah, Georgia at the birthplace of our Founder Juliette Gordon Low and at a trainers’ conference in Houston.  Materials that I used for years with troops, service units, and my classroom came from the session I attended at Our Cabaña.

Why are trainings so important?

Leaders should be able to enjoy what they are doing—and if they have confidence in the program and what they are doing, they can enjoy Girl Scouts as much as the girls.

Do you have any favorite stories of Girl Scouts whom you have trained?

Most recently, seeing a leader and her girls, whom I had trained in Denver, at Pax Lodge, our world center in London.  What I enjoy about being a trainer is meeting leaders, whom I have trained years ago, who are still involved in Girl Scouts and they share their enthusiasm.

What would you say to other Girl Scouts to encourage them to be a trainer?

At some point you need to give back what was given to you.  I had a lot of really great trainers and I reached a point that I realized I had a lot to give new leaders.   It has also helped me keep current with the Girl Scout program and what is going on at the council level.  I am one of those adults who have been through changes in the promise and the law three times—and countless handbooks and programs.  Girl Scouts has been an ever changing organization and that keeps me on my toes!

Girl Scouts of Colorado is currently seeking energetic volunteers to join the trainer ranks.  Experience in education and/or adult learning is a plus but NOT required.  The first step to becoming a trainer is to attend Train the Trainer. The next Train the Trainer class is:

August 8th: Arvada

Click here for details and to register

Girl Scout alumnae visit Tomahawk Ranch

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Submitted by Heidi Books


Girl Scout alumnae returned to Tomahawk Ranch for a fun day at camp! Our annual trip brought alums from across Colorado to tour the camp, enjoy lunch in the dining hall with the campers and make a fun camp craft! The trip brought back great memories and a peek at the new things going on at camp. We are already looking forward to our next trip back in 2016!

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This magic moment at Sky High Ranch


Volunteer counselor JuneBug and her daughter are attending camp at Sky High Ranch this week. Growing up in Massachusetts JuneBug attended Girl Scout camp in the hills between Fall River and Boston. Before camp, she had never realized that there were forests. It was the first time that she had been camping and she was hooked.

In her teenage years she was also a camp counselor here in Colorado and the counselor mentality has followed her through life. JuneBug, when not at camp, is a clinical psychologist and works at a high school in Colorado.

Following the time honored tradition of “Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout,” when JuneBug had kids of her own, she enrolled her son in Boy Scouts and daughter into Girl Scouts, and also became her daughter’s troop leader.

As the troop leader, she organized plenty of camping trips for the girls, but recently wanted her daughter to experience the magic of Girl Scout camp, fully believing that the courage, exploration, acceptance that Girl Scouts provides is invaluable.

“Life is about transformation and change, and you can get stuck.”

JuneBug says that you may ask yourself “why doesn’t change happen?” When you step outside of your daily habits, that’s when you can change. This, to her is a cornerstone of the magic that surrounds Girl Scout camp. Character building is something you can’t always get in schools and camp life supplements a child’s growth. A lot of kids don’t have a space in which to change, because they can’t get out of their daily habits to change.

JuneBug still thinks of herself as a camp counselor at heart and would love to take the kids in high school out to do ropes courses or experience the outdoors so that their transformations can happen.

“Magic happens because you are stepping your foot outside of your comfort zone; you see things in a new way; and you are in a special place that is harder to get to in your normal day-to-day life. Camp makes you a better person for the world!”

As she and her daughter, who is in 8th grade, attend camp this year; they are in different units here at Sky High. JuneBug is excited to give her daughter the camp experience; she is hoping that her daughter will one day be a PA, CIT, and eventually a counselor because it is a magical experience in a persons’ life – not just for girls, but magical for staff and everyone involved.

“I wish that every girl (and every boy) could experience the camp magic in their lives.”


Troop creates care packages for cancer patients

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Submitted by Jodie Eshbach

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

Aurora, Brooke and Rilea from Pikes Peak Troop 43701 made 60 care packages for patients at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Their mentor, MaryJo Lehman, a nurse at the Center, gave them a tour of the facility, where the Girl Scouts talked to nurses and patients about items that would help them through chemotherapy. Brooke, Rilea and Aurora’s care packages contained sunscreen, moisturizer, chap stick, hand sanitizer, nail care, water, hard candy, socks and hats!  They spent a full day at the Cancer Center handing out their gifts and lifting spirits!  The girls felt like they made a difference, but most of all, were amazed by how upbeat and positive the patients were.  It was a wonderful experience!

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Why I became a Girl Scout trainer

Why I became a Girl Scout trainer 1 Why I became a Girl Scout trainer 2

In December 2014 and January 2015, Girl Scouts of Colorado featured stories from volunteer trainers about their Girl Scout experiences and why they chose to become a trainer.

The first was by Jan Philpy, a volunteer adult learning trainer in Metro Denver.

I was a Girl Scout from Brownies through Seniors, so when I “retired” from full time work to start a family, I turned to Girl Scouts to occupy my time.  What fun it was to lead a troop!  We camped, completed badges, and took field trips. I had a wonderful experience.  This would be great preparation to work with my daughters, right?  Meantime, the council was looking for trainers and I thought I would enjoy that, so off I went to take Train the Trainer.  I loved training!  So, I added that to leading a troop and helping with the service unit.  First child arrived—a boy!  Oh well, he’ll tag-along.  My Girl Scout volunteering continued and I became service unit manager.  Child number two arrived—another boy!  Hmmm…

Soon parenting, Cub Scouts (how could I not?!) and life meant that Girl Scouting commitments had to be reduced.  What stayed?  Training!  Even during a stint on the council board of directors when I had to give up my leader training, I continued to train board members.   The end of that, a family move, and an empty nest led me to reconsider my Girl Scout involvement.  What was it I really wanted to do?  Training again!  That’s the way it has been for a very long time.  I love designing sessions, learning from my trainees, sharing ideas with them, and watching the “ah-ha” moments that occur at nearly every session.  Girl Scouts was and is an important part of who I am, and I want that legacy to continue to today’s girls (although not yet, maybe a granddaughter?).  So, I continue to train their leaders.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is currently seeking energetic volunteers to join the trainer ranks.  Experience in education and/or adult learning is a plus but NOT required.  The first step to becoming a trainer is to attend Train the Trainer.  The next Train the Trainer class is:

August 8th: Arvada

Click here for details and to register

Pirates Cove Girl Scout family & friends event


Join Girl Scouts of Colorado for a family and friends night at Pirates Cove!

When: Sunday, August 2, 2015, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Where: 1225 W. Belleview Ave., Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 762-2683

Cost: $5.00 per person.  Payment must be by credit card in advance of event. No walkups will be permitted to attend. 

Preregister by July 23, 2015 at: https://gscolorado.formstack.com/forms/piratescovereg

Every person entering the doors must pay in advance, even if they do not swim. Children under two are free.

You may bring sunscreen, towels and your own food and drink (no concessions provided). No alcohol or glass containers are permitted.

Questions? Email Keile Stewart at Keile.Stewart@gscolorado.org Please put “Pirates Cove”  in the subject line!

Pirates Cove Flyer

Troop 52627 helps local food bank

Food_Drive_-_Group_K IMG_6015

Submitted by Kara Posso


Denver Metro

The girls in Cadette Troop 52627 held a food drive last weekend (6/13) for our local Broomfield food bank (FISH). They stood outside King Soopers (with manager approval of course!) for three hours, asking if people would like to donate to the local food bank. They had fliers with 5-6 different items on them to pass out to interested customers. Customers, who didn’t want to purchase food, were welcome to donate money. The money collected was used to purchase fresh meat and eggs for the food bank. After three hours, the girls collected 384 pounds of non-perishable food and $237 to spend on meat and eggs. With an additional $50 from our troop, the girls purchased 134 pounds of fresh meat and eggs from King Soopers. The girls delivered the food (518 pounds total!) and were given a tour of the facility. During the tour, the girls discussed other ways they could help the food bank; such as volunteering their time to help sort food or adopting a shelf with a promise to keep it as full as they can.

My co-leader and I feel very blessed to be able to spend time with these generous girls, who are certainly showing Girl Scout Spirit!

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Top Sellers celebrate at Renaissance Festival

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74 Girl Scouts and their family members gathered Saturday, June 13,  2015 at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colo. to celebrate “cookiebosses” who sold 750 packages or more of Girl Scout Cookies. Top Sellers enjoyed admission to the festival as well as a King’s Buffet, which featured an appearance by the festival’s King and Queen, who stopped by to congratulate the girls. During the buffet lunch, girls were presented with their Top Seller medallions by one of the festival’s town criers with assistance from the GSCO Product Sales staff.

Arvada Troop celebrates summer “Ocean Style” in San Diego

Ocean Love San Diego

Submitted by Sheryl Blish


Denver Metro

Come celebrate summer Girl Scout style!

Arvada Troops 3301 & 3302 began their summer celebration with a two-week trip to California.

Check back often to read about their adventures in Cali!

Today’s photo is the girls hitting the surf on Coronado Island near San Diego. The sun, the beach, and the Ocean were perfect!

We can’t wait to share our stories from California and we want to hear all about yours too!

“Love” from Troop 3301 & 3302 in California!

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