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Check out the Greeley Girl Scouts at the Festival of Trees!

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Submitted by Brenda Realyvasquez


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

The Girl Scouts of Greeley working hard at providing a button-making station at the Festival of Trees for our girls in the community, Whoville-style!

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More Than Just a Co-Leader

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Submitted by Carrie Chase


Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado

We often talk about the benefits that girls receive by being members of Girl Scouts. New skills, confidence, and life-long friendships, just to name a few. We never really talk about what adults get out of Girl Scouting.

There is the stress of managing a group of 10-12 (or in my case 22!) little girls who come from all types of backgrounds, and have all different abilities. There is challenge of communicating with parents and making sure that everyone gets the note-call-text-email about the next event. There is also the joy of cleaning out and then dedicating your garage and your life to a million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for two months (that in itself is a another story).

None of those things are the items I am writing about though. What I am writing about is the wonderful friendship that I have gained as an adult Girl Scout.

I grew up as a Girl Scout. I loved every moment of it. I wanted my daughter to have the same opportunities and experiences that I did. When she was in kindergarten I patiently waited for the paper work to come home that told us when the Girl Scouts would be at her school to sign up new members. That paper never came home. Before she started first grade I started to inquire about the troop, only to find out that there was not a troop at her school and if I wanted her to be in Scouts I would have to start the troop. There was a dad who would be interested in helping if I would lead the troop. Something I could totally do, especially with the support of another parent who wanted to make sure that the girls had a great program.

After that first year, the dad decided that he still wanted to be involved, but perhaps “the moms” who were involved in the troop should take over the leadership role. Since then, I have had several other co-leaders. They all came for their season, and then left for various reasons. Their child was no longer interested, poor health, or they moved away. In the fall of 2013 I found myself looking for another co-leader. I had contacted several parents, but no one seemed interested. I was holding out for a parent of a new girl. I was also in constant contact with the Council office “just in case.”

Then the call came. They had a co-leader for me! The mom of a homeschooled kindergartener wanted her daughter to be involved in Girl Scouts. She was willing to be a co-leader! I was super excited! I called this mystery lady as soon as I got home.

There are some events in our lives that we know are noteworthy. The birth of a child. The wedding of a friend. The passing of a loved one. We never really know though how the people we meet will impact our lives. We don’t make note of the date that we meet every single person for the first time. This, however was a day that I wish I had made note of. The day I called my new co-leader was the day I met one of my dearest and closest friends, Jacque Korell.

The phone call to Jacque led me to discovering that this new person in my life lived less than a block away from my family (12 houses to be exact). We drove past her home everyday! Since the day was beautiful, I walked to her home with the bag of Daisy items that she would soon inherit. Once arriving to her home we both realized that we went to the same church! She and her daughter also frequented the lane I cashiered at in the local grocery store where I worked. She was excited about this new adventure, and I was excited to have someone who shared my enthusiasm.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years. I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without the friendship of this dear woman. She and her daughter have brought so much joy to my family, and have helped us more than I can even begin to tell about. In addition to being a fabulous Daisy and Brownie leader, she is a wonderful friend.

Although she has just one daughter, Jacque registered as a Cub Scout adult “just in case” I needed help with my son’s Cub Scout pack. We both have keys to one another’s house. I keep a car seat in my van just for her daughter, and her dog has her own dog bed at my house. We have worked on birthday gifts together, taken trips out of town together, and just hung out in the back yard together. Our families have spent holidays together, we have introduced one another to new people, to new hobbies and to new foods and recipes. We have shared books, movies, and sometimes even prepare meals for our separate households together.

We have driven 5 hours for Girl Scout Cookies together. We have had sleepovers and movie marathons when the kids and our husbands were gone. We have gone to restaurants and crazy high school football games together. Many times in the evenings we find ourselves chatting on messenger or texting one another after all of the kids are long asleep. Whenever one of us says “Hey! I have an idea!” we both know that we are in for an adventure!

We work together. We scheme together. We plan together. We celebrate together. We mourn together. We laugh together. We cry together. We are friends. We are Girl Scout sisters.

Being a Girl Scout as a child, and then as an adult I have gained many, many things. The most important, and valuable thing that I have ever gained in all my years of Scouting is my friend! Thank you Girl Scouts for giving me Jacque as a friend!

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We Tallied the Votes and the Results are In!


From Girl Scouts of the USA:

We’re excited to announce the winners of the Girls’ Choice Art in the Outdoors badge design poll! Girls were given the choice of two badge designs for their Girl Scout level, and asked to pick their favorite. More than 12,500 girl votes were cast—and the winning badge designs are here. Did your favorite come out on top?

Now’s the time to start taking notice of that crisp blue sky or the abstract sculptures in your local park, and get ready to create some amazing art in the outdoors. Badge requirements will be available for download May 30, 2016, and in council shops by the summer!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. We are thrilled to be working with girls on more girl-led programming—they’re our favorite partners!

Donated digital cookies can go to your local Hometown Hero

Digital Cookie 2.0 is proving to be immensely popular, especially the ability to donate cookies.

Cookies donated through the Digital Order Card will automatically be listed at Gift of Caring cookies in eBudde. If your troop would prefer the cookies go to your Hometown Hero, you will need to move the cookies from the Gift of Caring column to the Hometown Hero column in eBudde under the Girl Orders tab.

The difference is: Gift of Caring cookies do not come out of your physical inventory; they are sent directly to American troops by Girl Scouts of Colorado through our local military bases. Hometown Hero cookies do come out of your inventory and are delivered by your troop to the Hometown Hero of your choice. A Hometown Hero could be the local fire department, a nonprofit etc., but the organization must agree to accept the cookies before you begin collecting for that organization.


Cooking with Cookies: Tagalongs & Do-si-dos


To help our cookiebosses increase sales and attract customers, we’re sharing recipes for some delicious dishes made with your favorite Girl Scout Cookies. This week:  Tagalongs and Do-si-dos.

Try making these or print and share the recipe cards.

Tagalongs Shake

Do-si-dos Peanut Thai Chicken

Tag-a-dos Cheesecakes

Sell 50 packages of cookies & get a free patch

Super Bowl Patch

The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl bound and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate Super Bowl 50, we have a free, fun patch for any Girl Scout who sells 50 (or more) packages of Girl Scout Cookies Super Bowl weekend! You can let us know you sold 50 packages by filling out this online form. Be sure to include your goals, Hometown Hero, and troop number, along with a fun pic of you and your troop! The deadline to complete the form is Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

Don’t forget about our Super Bowl spirit challenge with Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council (home of the Carolina Panthers)! Help us show them we have WAY more Super Bowl spirit by sharing photos and videos which showcase your Broncos and Girl Scout pride. You can post them directly to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Facebook page or tag us on Instagram or Twitter (@GSColo). Here are some fun ideas:

  • Snap of photo of you or your troop wearing your Broncos gear and Girl Scout vest/sash.
  • Make a video of you or your troop cheering on the Broncos. Be sure to wear your Broncos gear and Girl Scout vest/sash.
  • Create an “Orange & Blue: Broncos Cookie Bundle”—Do-si-dos and Trefoils—tied together with blue and orange ribbon. Take photos of the cookies around your community or at special Colorado locations. You can also pair your cookies with your favorite Broncos gear, like flags, sweatshirts, pennants, etc.
  • Spell out “Go Broncos” using boxes of Girl Scout Cookies—extra points if you use Do-si-dos and Trefoils!


We also want to know: What are you doing to do to increase your sales Super Bowl weekend? Do you have a fun or creative MySite planned? Are you going door-to-door, hoping to catch customers at home while they are watching the big game? Share Your Stories on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog. The best stories will be shared on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog and social media networks.


If you have questions, please email Girl Scouts of Colorado Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper.


Meet Our Mentors: Leslee Randolph

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Submitted by Aimee Bianca


Denver Metro

Leslee is one of our Gold Award Mentors who is strongly committed to successfully guiding girls through the Gold Award in our Denver Metro region. Learn more about Leslee below and stay tuned for more “Meet Our Mentor” blog posts over the next few months! Go Gold!

Leslee Randolph

Region 6 – Metro Denver
Lakewood, CO

• 19 Years as a Girl Scout volunteer
• 7 Years as a Gold Award Mentor
• Gold Award Trainer

Why did you become a Gold Award Mentor?

Because, after the last of my troops graduated high school, I found that I was not yet ready to give up girls. Plus, as a parent, Leader, and Co-Leader I really enjoyed watching girls blossom. Through the Gold Award program I knew I could continue to help girls.

What words of advice do you have for girls about the Gold Award?

One person can change the world – why not be that person!

About Leslee:

My name is Leslee Randolph. I am originally from Texas, but my mother was born and raised in Colorado and her side of the family is here, so when my husband had a chance to get transferred (from Houston), we jumped! We have two daughters who both were 12-year Girl Scouts. I live and work in Lakewood, Colorado as a litigation paralegal. I am a Gold Award Mentor on the Denver Gold Award Committee; I was the Denver area Adult Gold Award Trainer and created the curriculum for Adult Gold Award Training for parents and leaders to help them better understand the Gold Award process (specifically, how they can help support their girl as she goes for the Gold). I also helped start the Kick Start Mentoring program for the Denver Gold Award Committee, and assisted in the creation of the Kick-Start Mentor Training curriculum. I am a former Service Unit Manager for Rambling Rose SU (Lakewood); I was the Leader for Troop 50357 and Co-Leader for Troop 503322, and was on the 2012 GenWow Committee and had a brief stint on the Statewide Gold Award Committee.

I am the mother of a Gold Award recipient (2009), and 2015-2016 will be my 19th year as a GSCO Volunteer. Even though I no longer have a troop, or girls selling cookies, I volunteer to work at cookie pick up sites and at various recruitment events. I am about to be an Extended Trips Trainer for the Denver area.

I am passionate about helping girls and their adults understand the Gold Award process, and derive great joy from mentoring girls through their Gold Award projects. Gwen Piehn once said, “I get to watch teenage girls change the world,” and she was right! What a great ‘job’ we Mentors have!!

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Silver Award honorees make “Bags of Love”


7_image image

Submitted by Tracy Taullie

La Junta

Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado

Two Cadettes from La Junta Girl Scout Troop 31747 completed their Silver Awards by providing social services with ” Bags of Love.” Mali P. and Makayla T. worked for months gathering donations to accomplish their task.  In the end, they provided 20 backpacks with blankets, books, stuffed animals, bathroom supplies, water bottles, and much more to be given to children taken from their homes. The project was special to the girls, who love children and especially special to Mali who’s family has two foster children of their own.

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Best Cookie Video Contest: Cookie Tales (A Fairy Tale from Pueblo)

Submitted by Skyler Korell


Southwestern Colorado

Skyler (7) was having fun watching her friends share their videos on Facebook and decided to make her own video (utilizing the recent Colorado Snow Storm to help her!)

This video was made by Skyler (with some help from mom) on iMovie!

This video was submitted as part of the Best Cookie Video Contest.

Lazy Acres Winter Troop Camp- Snow Much Fun!

winter camp 9

Every year at Lazy Acres, the camp opens it’s door just once outside of the summer season- to welcome troops to the annual winter troop camp! Last weekend over 6 troops came together to take part in every type of winter activity- sledding, snowshoeing, snowball fighting, snowman making, even snow archery! Thanks to camp director Jill, there was plenty of indoor fun too with arts & crafts and making delicious snow ice cream. After troops spent the day outside frolicking in the snow, it was time to tuck into the lodge for indoor “s’more dip”, songs and games.

This summer, the dedicated volunteers and GSCO who love Lazy Acres will be throwing a 70th anniversary of the much loved camp. For more information contact Jill Marostica at jillmarostica@juno.com

Gaining speed on the sledding hill
Ready for a snowball fight!
Snow archery!


Winter Camp 4

winter camp 3

Winter Camp 1

winter Camp 5

Girl Scouts of Colorado