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This is your place to connect with other Girl Scouts of Colorado volunteers and members, share ideas and experiences. You can join a group or create your own group and invite others to join. Post your thoughts, comment on others’ posts and even privately message members. Think of it as a mini-social network for Girl Scouts of Colorado.

You can also use the Classifieds section to place an ad if you have materials to sell or give away, if you need an expert to come to your troop meeting or if you have a service to offer.

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5 Responses to Welcome to GSCO Connect

  1. Marty Allison says:

    Does any one have any extra 100th Anniversary Badges – the 100 with a girl saluting ? The History Committee is looking for as many as possible.

    Thanks – Marty Allison

  2. Ginger Abeyta says:

    Hello I am a former troop leader (back when my now 21 yo daughter was involved from her Daisy to Junior troops). My husband and I, along with my daughter would very much like to provide an art class to troops who are interested in order to do two things, first to allow my daughter who is studying to become an art therapist get some experience teaching art to children, and to honor my husband’s late wife who was an artist and held classes in their studio for children herself. We live in the northwest area of Denver so would like troops from that area to reply. Thank you for your time.

    • Jodie Buczak says:

      I am a current troop leader in North Denver. Would you be willing to lead a Holiday art class? I am also interested in an art class that related to the aMuse Girl Scout Junior Journey. I was thinking about meeting at Mile High Comics and helping the girls create a comic book where they create their own heroin. Any art project that allowed them to think like a story teller would be great. Getting the girls to express there ideas through art would be fantastic.

      Thank You,

      Jodie Buczak

    • Michelle White says:

      I have a brownie troop in Firestone and we would love an art class! Maybe after the holidays?

  3. C. Clark says:

    I am interested in an art class for brownies and juniors, we have 8 brownies and 6 jrs. In particular, how to make a mural that shows sisterhood, friendship, etc. Please let me know about supplies, time commitment and anything else I should know. We meet on Wednesdays, every 2 weeks. Thank you.

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